AG Kids

Our Commitment

We strive to make AG Kids a place where every child can grow to know, love, and follow Jesus. Whether it’s simply learning to share with friends, singing and dancing to songs, or studying Scripture, we look to create a unique, age-appropriate environment in each AG Kids room; an environment that is always Christ-centered.
At August Gate, we believe the primary way children are discipled is through the home. We've created this Family Discipleship resource to help equip you to do just that. 

South City

What To Expect

AG Kids is provided at both the 9 am and 11 am services for ages six weeks to the 3rd grade. The ages are divided into four rooms:
  • Infants (6 wks - 24 mo)
  • Toddlers (2 yrs - 3 yrs)
  • Pre-K (4 yrs - 5 yrs)
  • Kindergarten - 3rd Grade
  • 2nd - 5th Grade

Upon arriving at August Gate Church there will be greeters wearing yellow lanyards to welcome you and direct you to the sanctuary. The AG Kids desk attendant is located just through the doors on the right side of the sanctuary. The desk attendant will be available to answer any questions you may have. The desk attendant will also register your family in Planning Center, the program we use to ensure kids are safely checked in and monitored. You will receive name tags and a security tag and the desk attendant will direct you to the proper classrooms. Self check-in stations are available after the initial visit and are located on the upper and lower levels of the AG Kids space.

Children Pre-K through 3rd grade (as well as younger children, if parents desire) are encouraged to join their parents in the sanctuary for worship during the first set of songs. There will be a short break between worship and the sermon for greeting one another and taking your children to their AG Kids classroom.

Mothers who need to feed their baby or step out of the sanctuary can do so in the Nursing Mothers' Room located in the balcony or the Quiet Room located in the lower level of the AG Kids space. The Quiet Room can also be utilized as a quiet space for parents and their children should sensory or other needs arise. Let the desk attendant know how we can make this room or any of our AG Kids spaces helpful to your family! 

South City Leaders

Ryan and Emily Pratt

Metro East

What To Expect

AG Kids is provided for ages four months through the 5th grade. The ages are divided into six rooms:
  • Infants (4 months - 17 months)
  • Toddlers (18 months - 2 years)
  • Pre-K (3-4 year olds)
  • Kindergarten
  • 1st-2nd grade
  • 3rd-5th grade

Upon arrival, parents may enter the Family Entrance and then proceed to check in their children at the AG Kids desk. Self-check-in is available inside the family entrance after the initial visit. You will receive a security tag along with your child’s name tag, which you will need in order to pick up your child from their classroom following the service. Children in Kindergarten-5th grade (as well as any younger children, if parents desire) will join their parents in the sanctuary for worship during the first set of songs. There will be a short break between worship and the sermon for greeting one another and dismissing children to AG Kids.

Our Nursing Mothers’ Room is available for mothers who would like a separate place to feed or care for their babies. It is located next to the Infants class (across from the restrooms) as you exit the sanctuary. The room has gliders, a changing table, and several other supplies that might be helpful as you care for your baby.

Our Family Hospitality Room includes comfortable seating and a livestream from the sanctuary! We know there are many parents with new babies or young children who are not yet ready for AG Kids and need a place to wiggle a bit.

Metro East Leader

Crystal Wright

Your Child’s Safety

We are committed to making AG Kids a safe and secure place for your children. To accomplish this, we:
  • Perform background checks on all AG Kids workers.
  • Require an application and reference checks for all new workers.
  • Maintain up to date contact and emergency information.
  • Provide and require a security sticker for each child for parent pick-up.
  • Ensure that AG Kids workers know your child’s allergies and have them displayed clearly on his or her security sticker.
  • Have a text messaging system available that allows us to contact parents in case of an emergency (or inconsolable child).
  • Have an AG Kids desk attendant and/or other security personnel present at all times to monitor access into the AG Kids area.

If you have any questions at all please email us at [email protected] or
text/call (314) 884-1212.