The mission of August Gate is to grow to know, love, and follow Jesus together by His grace. We believe this can only happen when we're pursuing intentionally gospel-centered relationships, and that's exactly what we do in Knots!

Knots are groups of 3-6 people that meet weekly to encourage and challenge one another in the gospel and learn to live it out in the context of real life.

If you've never been in a Knot, we invite you to join Community Kickstart, which is your first step into experiencing community at August Gate. You'll get to know leaders of the church and begin building intentionally gospel-centered relationships through diving into the Bible, applying it to our lives, and praying for one another. Then after a couple of months, you can join a Knot where you'll be able to continue to grow as disciples of Jesus together by His grace.

If you would like more information, please contact Will Adams at [email protected].

If you're ready to get connected, please register for Community Kickstart below: