What Is Mission?

At August Gate Church we often use “Gospel” as a verb.  When we do, we understand it as following the example of Jesus by loving our communities, serving our communities and telling our communities the Good News that God saves sinners. We believe we are called to be missionaries in every area of life. Therefore we encourage individuals, families, and Gospel Communities to be involved in...

How Does This Happen At August Gate?

At the heart of the Gospel is change. God changes hearts. God changes minds. God changes lives through the person and work of Jesus Christ. God changes communities as He sets His people on mission. God has placed August Gate Church in specific locations. And as we continue to pursue God’s call for our church, something we must pray for, work toward and desire, is for God to bring real, tangible, long-lasting, quantifiable change to the locations we are in. This is where ENGAGE comes into the picture. 

ENGAGE is not a program rather it is mission that is birthed out of the individual lives that come together to form August Gate Church. If we seek to build a program, it will one day end. But, if we seek to live out mission in our lives and join one another in living it out, we will be an unstoppable force bringing in the Kingdom of God. Both of our gatherings are continually seeking ways to engage the areas that we are in. If you have ideas and passions we would love to hear them, email us at  or text/call (314) 884-1212.